What Is a Linear Servo Motor?

Linear Servo Motor is a servo motor that moves linearly without using any device such as ball screws.

Linear Motor

Rotary Motor

Direct drive (Driven directly by motor thrust)
Rotary Motor
Linear motion converted from rotary motion by ball screws

Features and Benefits of Linear Servo Motors

Linear Servo Motor offers the following benefits without the need for ball screws.

Linear motion

1. Improved machine speed and accuracy

  • High speed and High accuracy is possible by direct drive.
  • Submicron high-precision positioning is possible depending on the resolution of the linear encoder.

2. Simplification of equipment structure

  • Mechanical linear motion conversion mechanisms such as ball screws or timing belts are not required.
  • High degree of freedom in stroke length is available by extending the magnet rail.

3. Quiet and clean equipment

  • Quieter than the rotary motor system as noise-generating sliding parts such as ball screw for linear motion conversion mechanism is not used.
  • Cleaner as no dust is generated from sliding parts.

4. Multiple uses of linear slides is possible

  • Since multiple coils (movers) can be placed on the magnet rail, it is easier to configure a
    multi-slide system.

5. Equipment maintenance can be reduced

  • The only sliding parts are linear guides. Simplification of maintenance is possible.

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