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How Monozukuri Craftsmanship Is Applied To Motion Control Technologies

Tight deadlines, demanding performance specs, and the ever-present need for adaptability – that’s the reality for today’s machine builders. This article dives into how SANYO DENKI’s motion control solutions can equip you with the tools to engineer machines that excel in all these areas. By embracing the principles of monozukuri, the Japanese philosophy of manufacturing excellence, you can deliver machines that are not only highly productive but also flexible enough to handle the dynamic demands of modern production lines.

Here's a breakdown of three key ingredients in SANYO DENKI's recipe for high-performance machines:

Streamlined Robot Integration: Reduce development time and simplify robot programming with SANYO DENKI’s technologies, allowing you to deliver machines with faster cycle times to your customers.

Predictive Maintenance Built-In: Minimize downtime for end users with advanced servo system monitoring functions, boosting the overall reliability of your machines.

Data-Driven Design Decisions: Leverage Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to extract valuable insights from servo systems and incorporate that data into future machine designs for continuous improvement.

1. Streamlined Robot Integration

Integrating robots into your machines offers significant advantages for manufacturers: increased productivity and flexibility. However, programming robots can be a time-consuming hurdle, often delaying project completion. SANYO DENKI’s SANMOTION C Controller tackles this challenge with a suite of features designed to expedite robot development:

Screen of 3D simulation of Robot Motion Controller
Screen of 3D simulation
  • Effortless Robot Posture Control: Ditch the complex calculations. The SANMOTION C Controller’s user-friendly interface allows you to configure robot posture quickly and easily, saving valuable programming hours.
  • Intuitive Programming for All Skill Levels: The  teaching pendant and  wizard-driven programming features empower even engineers without extensive robotics expertise to develop effective robot programs for your machines. This reduces reliance on specialized programmers, allowing your team to deliver machines that are faster to commission for your customers.
  • Virtual Testing Ensures Success:  Eliminate the risk of physical deployment errors with our dedicated simulation software.  Virtually test robot movements before integrating them into your machine design to guarantee smooth and safe robot operation from the start. This reduces debugging time and streamlines the overall machine-building process.

By leveraging these functionalities, you can deliver machines with demonstrably faster cycle times and get them to market quicker, giving your customers a competitive edge – all of which are hallmarks of the Monozukuri philosophy that emphasizes efficiency, innovation, and speed.

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2. Predictive Maintenance Built-In

Modern servo systems are the workhorses of factory automation. To ensure peak performance and minimize downtime for the manufacturers who use your machines, comprehensive monitoring capabilities are essential. SANYO DENKI’s SANMOTION G servo amplifier provides advanced monitoring features that give valuable insights into equipment health:

  • Proactive Maintenance with Service Life Prediction: Anticipating the remaining life of critical components allows end users to schedule preventive maintenance before breakdowns occur. This minimizes downtime and maximizes equipment lifespan, increasing the overall reliability of the machines you design. Imagine the cost savings and production efficiency gains this translates into for your customers.
  • Real-time Insights with Operational Status Monitoring: By providing access to valuable insights into various operational parameters, including motor and amplifier power consumption, you empower end users to identify potential energy-saving opportunities and implement preventative maintenance strategies based on real-time equipment health data. This translates to  lower operating costs and increased efficiency for the manufacturers who use your machines.

With these monitoring functions embedded in your designs, you can offer machines that are not only productive but also reliable and cost-effective to operate in the long run, giving your customers a significant advantage.

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3. Data-Driven Design Decisions

Diagram showing Flow of Product Equipment Information
Flow of Product Equipment Information

Servo systems generate a wealth of data, including information on remaining part life, equipment operating status, and power consumption. ICT technologies play a crucial role in collecting, transmitting, and utilizing this data for informed decision-making. SANYO DENKI is committed to developing advanced ICT solutions for servo systems, offering features that can  transform data into actionable insights for you:

  • High-Speed Data Transmission with Motion Network Communication Technology: The SANMOTION G Series EtherCAT servo amplifier supports high-speed motion networks, enabling the real-time transmission of critical data to host controllers. This facilitates improved equipment performance, more reliable failure detection, and proactive maintenance strategies. By having access to real-time data, adjustments can be made to optimize performance and identify potential issues before they become problems.
  • Simplified Network Connectivity: SANYO DENKI’s SANMOTION C motion controller streamlines device communication through an OPC server and network library. This user-friendly approach allows for the rapid establishment of communication networks, saving valuable time and resources during system integration.

Monozukuri In Action

By harnessing the power of servo system data and providing user-friendly tools for its utilization, SANYO DENKI empowers manufacturers to achieve their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). SANYO DENKI’s dedication to Monozukuri principles ensures that you have the tools to not only manufacture exceptional products but also do so efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. This translates to a significant competitive advantage for you and unmatched value for your customers.

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