Sanyo Denki brand new servo systems SANMOTION G

SANYO DENKI has released The new G Series servo system that outperforms conventional models, drives overall efficiency, and adds functionality improvements to your equipment.

1. EtherCAT Compatible Amplifiers Provide High-Speed Communications

The new lineup includes high-speed serial communication EtherCAT models as well as the traditional analog/pulse train models. EtherCAT compatible amplifiers utilize the fastest industrial Ethernet technology available. This reduces the wait times between process steps and increases application efficiency. The flexible EtherCAT topology together with the compact design of our servos and amplifiers provide the best fit for distributed control systems and highly synchronized applications.

Image Source: Trask, Robert. “What is EtherCAT?”, Control Engineering, January 13, 2022

2. Optimized Motor Size and Efficiency For Effective Systematization

lighter-weight-desgin-sanmotion-g-2Sanyo Denki has developed and released a brand new servo system that optimizes the electromagnetic field and brake structure on the new G Series servo systems to achieve an overall smaller servo size. The motor size is up to 22% smaller while the motor mass is up to 28% lighter. By downsizing parts and optimizing heat dissipation, the new servo amplifiers are up to 5% lighter as well.

Compared to our conventional product, power consumption of the servo motor and holding brakes has been reduced by up to 8.4% and 44%, respectively. The servo amplifier’s power loss has also been reduced; up to 26% in the main circuit thanks to the latest power device used and up to16% in the control circuit thanks to a high-efficiency LSI (large-scale integrated) circuit.

3. Enhanced Monitoring to Prevent Machine Failures


Diagnosis of the communication quality from the encoders and EtherCAT is now possible. The new G Series amplifiers can detect the frequency and voltage of the main circuit input voltage and control power source. By enabling early detection of malfunctions, machine downtime is reduced and environmental durability for machines is improved.

4. Stabilized Movement From Highly Accurate Frequency Measurements

SANMOTION’s advanced tuning function advanced-auto-tuning-sanmotion-gensures automatic tuning of parameters by precisely measuring the mechanical systems’ resonance, friction, and load inertias. The frequency characteristics measurement accuracy of the new G Series is 11 times better than that of our conventional products. Based on this information, parameters are tuned automatically to stabilize motion and shorten positioning settling time. Avoiding complicated gain tuning shortens your equipment’s time to market while its performance is improved.

5. Stable Positioning With High-resolution Encoders

sanmotion-g-high-precision-positioningThanks to our new high-resolution encoders on the SANMOTION G servos, they have obtained even higher precision positioning. There is a 23-bit encoder for the standard model (64 times that of previous models) and a 27-bit model both optimal for stable positioning and high accuracy.

6. Boosted Frequency Response Times

sanmotion-g-fequency-response-curvesWith newly developed current control, speed frequency response has been increased to 3.5 kHz (1.6 times higher than our conventional product*) This helps improve the processing quality of machinery.

7. Refined Positioning Compensation

sanmotion-g-shortened-positioning-timeBy accurately detecting and compensating for Coulomb friction, viscous friction, and the force of gravity, the positioning settling time has been shortened 5.5 ms, which is nearly 1/3 of previous servo models.

New Servo Design That Delivers on Customer and Application Demands

The SANMOTION G Series servo system provides industry-leading servo performance in a compact, lightweight, energy-efficient design. The start-up process was improved as well to offer a quick and user-friendly system. Thanks to SANMOTION’s advanced tuning function, we can also meet the increasing demand for auto-tuned servo motors. It was designed ideally for applications such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, machine tools, food manufacturing equipment, and medical equipment.

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