SANMOTION G servo systems are ideal for several semiconductor applications some of which include CMP (chemical mechanical polishing) equipment, overhead conveyors, and filling machines. See examples below for more information.

1. Smooth and Accurate Servos for CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing)

chemical-mechanical-polishing-equipmentIn semiconductor factories, chemical mechanical polishing equipment is used to both polish and flatten semiconductor wafers. Servo systems are used to rotate semiconductor wafers and rotary tables. SANMOTION G is ideal for semiconductor manufacturing applications where smooth and precise positioning is required.


2. Servo Driven Overhead Conveyors


On overhead conveyors, automatic conveyor equipment is suspended from guide rails installed overhead. Servo systems are not only used to move conveyor trolleys, but also grab and move boxes up and down containing semiconductor wafers, making efficient semiconductor manufacturing possible.


3. Synchronized Servos for High-speed Filling Machines


sanmotion-servos-on-filling-machinesIn food/beverage factories, filling machines are used to fill containers with foods or liquids. With high-precision synchronous control of water and dust-resistant motors, our servo systems can be used with confidence in machines that handle food and beverages.



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