In 2021, Shigeo Yamamoto, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the SANYO DENKI Group announced the completion of the company’s “five-year Medium-Term Management Plan.”  Specific measures aimed at the following four management targets were undertaken.  Management targets follow three core technologies, one of which is “technology for protecting peoples’ health and safety”.  As part of this initiative, a virtual factory was created to graphically demonstrate Sanyo Denki’s technology used in automated equipment.

Virtual Factory Illustrates Servo Applications That Improve Health and Safety

SANMOTION Servo System in Filling MachineSANMOTION servo technologies support medical treatment and food environments. Servo technologies tend to be thought of as technologies used in industrial machinery only, but as applications highlight, servo technology also has a significant role to play in automated equipment designed for human health and welfare, along with the equipment designed for industry. Sanyo Denki is determined to develop servos along with cooling and energy technology that allow people and equipment to work together, and provide products and services that improve the human condition.

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