1) Control Modes with Dual-position feedback


  • Dual position FB control
  • Synchronized operation control

Internal and external servo encoders

Basic position and velocity control modes on SANMOTION servo systems have 2-degrees of freedom control.  The new R3E AC servo amplifier “SANMOTION R ADVANCED MODEL” was built on previous designs to increase feedback response with inputs from the motor’s rotary encoder and external load encoders.  The dual-position feedback compensation setting is used for full-closed control at motor stop or constant rotation, and for semi-closed control at accel/decel. The accuracy of its position control mode and the high response of its velocity control mode can be set to function together to enhance vibration suppression while maintaining high-speed servo performance.

2) Machine Vibration Resonance Suppression

  •  FF vibration suppression control (2 stage) 
  • Vibration suppression control for trajectory control 
  • Adaptive notch filter
Feed-forward vibration suppression control

3) Auto-tuning Servo Adjustment

Servo System Auto-tuning

  • Auto-tuning response – 40 stages 
  • Servo adjustment support function 

4) Start-up, Monitoring & Diagnosis Software

  • Virtual motor operation 
  • Encoder/amplifier temperature monitor 
  • Power consumption monitor 
  • Drive recorder

The monitoring software allows you to set servo system parameters from a PC.
It also allows you to easily start up and run tests for the servo system.
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