Linear Actuators Total Travel Time Comparison Demo

The difference of low or medium inertia in motors makes a big difference in speed! Our representatives will show you how load and inertia relates in motors selection.

collaboration with NSK NBK

Pre-assembled High Performance Linear Actuators

NSK’s MCE linear actuators, integrated with SANYO DENKI motor and NBK Coupling, are pre-tuned to improve takt time and bring optimized performance.

SANYO DENKI and NSK seamlessly integrated our accumulated expertise with ball screws, linear guides and support bearings into a lightweight, compact and highly precise single-axis actuator. The MCE Series is a preassembled, pretested motorized linear actuator. The MCE Linear Actuator is a turnkey solution that offers significant benefits:

  • Streamline – consolidating multiple components into a single, compact and customizable part number
  • Simplify – reducing design, test and installation time
  • Support – dedicated collaboration, project management and technical expertise from NSK and Sanyo Denki

NBK servo couplingOne of the components preassembled in the MCE linear actuator is the NBK high-gain rubber type coupling.  The NBK couplings in combination with SANMOTION servo systems improve the NSK actuator’s performance and accuracy. In competing servo driven actuators, occasionally a command execution may be delayed when trying to stop the actuator at a predetermined position. Sometimes it will stop later than the command, which we refer to as a delay in stabilization time. Since the operation does not shift to the next motion profile until an actuator completely stops, it is important to shorten stabilization time to improve productivity.

A high-gain rubber type coupling from NBK can be used at even higher gain than high-rigidity disk-type couplings enabling the reduction of stabilization time. The vibration absorption reduces the amount of gain tuning and operates at optimal parameters for enhanced productivity.

ATX MN - Network Communications Demos

EtherNet I/P Demo

EtherNET I/P communication with S100-A

EtherCAT Demo

EtherCAT communication demo with MCE actuator

Profinet Demo

Profinet communication demo with siemens

Matching the right actuation to your motion profile and loads is an essential first step for a successful project.

Servo Auto-tuning Response Time

Download sizing software to select the right motion control system for your application.

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