image of SANMOTION C S200 IoT motion controller

The Iot-Enabled Motion Controller Facilitates Remote Monitoring and Maintenance for Automation.

The SANMOTION C S200 is an innovative motion controller set to transform the landscape of automation. It’s more than just a controller; it’s a comprehensive solution catering to diverse automation needs. Developed to address IoT implementation challenges, it offers advanced motion control, remote monitoring via a webcam, and connectivity features supporting daily operations. Its adaptability makes it ideal for integrating IoT into small-scale production lines and standalone equipment, making significant strides in automating various applications.

Key features of the SANMOTION C S200 include:

Enhanced IoT Functions

The SANMOTION C S200 comes with enhanced IoT functions like web camera control, remote status monitoring, and remote maintenance functions. It allows users to identify causes of equipment abnormalities early, and eliminating the need for on-site maintenance work.

Web Visualization

Users can draw in the HMI screen in a web browser using the integrated development tool. Program development using special software provided by touch panel supplier is not necessary. The drawn screens can be checked from a web browser on users’ computer or smart device.

S200 motion controller web visualization function

Remote Monitoring by Camera - New Feature!

By connecting a webcam to the USB interface of the controller, users can view real-time images around the equipment via web browsers or store them in the built-in memory or Micro SD card. This functionality facilitates recording instances such as brief stop or long haul on the production line, serving as a tool akin to a drive recorder for in-depth analysis of underlying causes.

Still image recording function - New Feature!

Still images can be recorded in 100 ms intervals, 5 seconds before and after the trigger, or max. 10 seconds before the trigger in the built-in memory or MicroSD card.

For example, users can set the program to record still images 5 seconds before and after the trigger (abnormality) happened.

still image recording function by S200 motion controller

Data Collection and Recording - New Feature!

The controller collects and records equipment data, including servo system and environmental (temperature, humidity) data in time series. Users can analyze data together with still images recorded to find out causes efficiently when abnormalities happens.
Sanyo Denki motion controller C S200 collect and record time series data

Remote Maintenance: Operation of Controller via Cloud - New Feature!

The integrated development tool’s remote connection function allows you to safely modify programs and perform remote maintenance by connecting to the controller directly even if the motion controller is located far away.

remote operation of SANMOTION C S200 controller via cloud

SANMOTION C S200 stands out as an versatile automation controller offering new possibilities for automation solutions. Its compact design, multi-axis control with EtherCAT, and smooth IoT integration improve efficiency and maintenance. With remote monitoring and maintenance functions, it goes beyond a typical controller, reshaping how we see automation.

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