Compatible Motors with The New Stepper Drivers

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SANYO DENKI has expanded its range of the SANMOTION F2 DC-Input 2-phase stepping system and SANMOTION F5 5-phase stepping system with a high-power model and a basic model. This expansion offers more flexibility to customers seeking the right solution for their specific needs.

In this blog post, we’ll explore a comprehensive list of stepper motors that are fully compatible with the latest stepper drivers, providing you with the information you need to select the best options for your next project.

SANMOTION F2 Compatible Motors List

High Power Model: F2BFD400P100 (2BF Type)

Motor SizeMotor LengthModel No.Rated Current
56 mm sq.41.8 mmSM2561C30B□13A/Phase
56 mm sq.53.8 mmSM2562C30B□13A/Phase
56 mm sq.75.8 mmSM2563C30B□13A/Phase
56 mm sq.85.8 mmSM2564C30B□13A/Phase
56 mm sq.41.8 mmSM2561C40B□14A/Phase
56 mm sq.53.8 mmSM2562C40B□14A/Phase
56 mm sq.75.8 mmSM2563C40B□14A/Phase
56 mm sq.85.8 mmSM2564C40B□14A/Phase
86 mm sq.66 mmSH2861-51□14A/Phase
86 mm sq.96.5 mmSH2862-51□14A/Phase

Basic Type: F2BED200P100 (2BE Type)

Motor SizeMotor LengthModel No.Rated Current
42 mm sq.33 mmSH1421-52□12A/Phase
42 mm sq.39 mmSH1422-52□12A/Phase
42 mm sq.48 mmSH1424-52□12A/Phase
56 mm sq.41.8 mmSM2561C20B□12A/Phase
56 mm sq.53.8 mmSM2562C20B□12A/Phase
56 mm sq.75.8 mmSM2563C20B□12A/Phase
56 mm sq.85.8 mmSM2564C20B□12A/Phase
60 mm sq.42 mmSH1601-52□02A/Phase
60 mm sq.54 mmSH1602-52□02A/Phase
60 mm sq.76 mmSH1603-52□02A/Phase
86 mm sq.66 mmSH2861-50□12A/Phase
86 mm sq.96.5 mmSH2862-50□12A/Phase

SANMOTION F5 Compatible Motors List

High Power Model: F5PFD280P100 (5PF Type)

Motor Size

Motor Length

Model No.

Rated Current

60 mm sq.

49 mm



60 mm sq.

60 mm



60 mm sq.

89 mm



Basic Type: F5PED140P100 (5PE Type)

Motor SizeMotor LengthModel No.Rated Current
28 mm sq.32 mmSH5281-72□10.75A/Phase
28 mm sq.51.5 mmSH5285-72□10.75A/Phase
42 mm sq.35 mmSF5421-82□11.4A/Phase
42 mm sq.41 mmSF5422-82□11.4A/Phase
42 mm sq.49 mmSF5423-82□11.4A/Phase
60 mm sq.49 mmSM5601-82□11.4A/Phase
60 mm sq.60 mmSM5602-82□11.4A/Phase
60 mm sq.89 mmSM5603-82□11.4A/Phase
86 mm sq.66 mmSM5861-82□11.4A/Phase
86 mm sq.96.5 mmSM5862-82□11.4A/Phase



2-Phase Stepping Systems

F2BFD400P100 (High-Power Model)
F2BED200P100 (Basic Model)

5-Phase Stepping Systems

F5PFD280P100 (High-Power Model)
F5PED140P100 (Basic Model)

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