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Application specific customizations are available to increase equipment performance.

Different types of customization are possible, depending on the request and quantity. Contact us for details.

Custom Stepper Motor Designs

Harness Modification

Harness modification on custom stepper motors

Connectors, cable ties, and plastic tubing can be added.

Shaft Modification

Shaft modification on custom stepper motors

D-cuts, key grooves, and through holes can be added; and gears and pulleys can be mounted.

The shaft can also be hollowed to allow airflow or to pass lead wires through.

Rotating Damper, Mounting-side Damper

Damper customizations for stepper motors

A damper can be added to reduce vibrations when rotating.

Decelerator, Encoder, Brake

Brake and decelerator option for stepper motors

  • A decelerator can be added when a large high-load torque is required at low speeds.
  • An encoder can be added in order to detect position and speed.
  • A brake can be added to hold the position when the motor is stopped.

Specialized Stepper Motor Designs


  • These IP65 rated motors* have superior water and dust resistance and can be safely utilized in harsh or wet environments such as in food processing machines.
  • The input voltage range of the motors is up to 250 VAC.
  • Brake, encoder, and oil seal can be combined.

*Except for the shaft and the cable end.

Safety Standards

  • CE/UL-certified.
Types of splash and dust proof stepping motors
Vacuum environment safe stepping motor


  • These stepping motors can be driven in a vacuum environment without requiring a vacuum feedthrough. Use as vacuum-compatible actuators while retaining the stepping motor benefits of easy high-precision open-loop control.
  • We can customize for a wide range of environmental pressures, from low to ultra-high vacuums.
  • Available baked at 200°C.
  • Size is similar to that of typical stepping motors.

Intended Operating Pressure


  • Ideal for the following applications. Contact us to discuss your particular application environment needs.
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Satellite robotics
  • Electron microscopes
  • Large-scale research facilities such as accelerators, synchrotron radiation analysis equipment, etc.

Motor size

  • 42 mm sq. to ø106 mm

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