Rotary Servo Motor Model Number Code

In this example, the servo motor R2AA06020FCP00M that’s used in our post about matching a servo amplifier to a servo motor to complete an MCE servo actuator is analyzed to offer an example of how to read SANMOTION servo motor model numbers to choose the proper servo motor for your application. 

  • The “R” at the beginning of the model number along with a number 1, 2, or 5 specifies the particular servo motor and its product line series.
  • The next three codes “”AA”, “06”, and “020” specify a 200V 60mm frame size servo motor with a rated output of 200W.
  • “F” means that the max rotational velocity is 6,000 min^-1
  • A servo motor with a “C” in the seventh position of the model number means that a 24v holding brake is included.
  • “P” in the eighth position represents an absolute encode with a battery backup.  There are multiple encoder choices available.  Each encoder description is available for review in our encoder post and within the core catalog.
  • The last three codes in the model number specify standard vs. custom, safety standards, and if a gearhead is included with its ratio.

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